Discover The Horse Sarcoid Solution That Gets Your Horse Happy & Healthy

Your horse, and your bank balance will thank you when you use this powerful, but all-natural sarcoid remedy. Best Part: it’s non-invasive and doesn’t affect your horses’ mood and temperament!

Keep reading to discover what hundreds of horse owners are RAVING about when its time to say goodbye to horse sarcoids for good!

“It Has Now Completely Gone!”

“My 7 year old gelding developed a medium sized sarcoid on his leg. We had no luck with the treatment recommended by my vet.

I started to feed him the powder and it has now completely gone. His hair has grown back, you would never know it had been there. I am so pleased; I cannot praise your product enough!”

~ Ruth Mitchell

Sarcoids Gone Just 4 Weeks Later

Dear Horse Owner,

If you have a horse that has sarcoids, then you need to stop everything you’re doing and read every single word of this message.

Because I’m going to tell you about an all-natural way you can get rid of your horses’ sarcoids safely, inexpensively, and naturally.

The Best Part: You won’t have make a trip to the vet to get this 100% natural remedy. It’s a non-invasive and has ZERO side effects that can change the temperament and mood of your horse.

It’s a simple remedy that requires you to mix just one scoop in your horses feed.

That’s it!

Now I’m sure you’re skeptical right now. You probably thought you had to use an expensive treatment from the vet to get rid of your horses’ sarcoids.

However, if you suspend your skepticism for the next 5 minutes, you’ll discover what HUNDREDS of our customers are absolutely raving about when it comes to banishing horse sarcoids forever.

Now you’ve probably been told that sarcoids are a benign cancer that isn’t fatal to your horse. And that’s true.

Well, we’re here to tell you that:

SAR-X Featured In:

Sarcoids are painful for your horse and can severely lower their value if left untreated.

Sarcoids are painful for your Horse and can severely lower their value if left untreated.

You NEED To Get Rid Of Your Horse’s Sarcoids Right Away For The Well-Being Of Your Horse!

You see, horse sarcoids can be detrimental long-term to your horse’s health… even though they are not fatal by themselves Here’s why:

  • The presence of sarcoids on your horse can severely lower the value of the horse if you try to sell it. It’s common for racehorses otherwise valued at 1 million to sell for only thousands if they have sarcoids. That’s over a hundred-fold decrease in value!
  • The sarcoids can start attracting flies during the summer months. This can be extremely distressing for the horse and can lead to severe infections that can lead to more illness. Not good!
  • It can hinder your horse from performing…and increases the chances that the animal has to be put down. If a sarcoid keeps you from putting the animal’s tack on…or if it is going to be rubbed a lot during exercise…it could forever rob your horse of its potential. We’ve seen many horses put down as a result of this condition.
  • It can lower your horse’s immune system, making it susceptible to further problems. You see, the horse’s immune system is constantly working to fight the sarcoids, thus putting extra stress on the horse—and sapping its energy. Especially if lesions form at the site of the sarcoid.
  • It can prevent insurance companies from covering the horse… thus leaving it up to YOU to pay the hefty vet bills to treat your horse’s sarcoids and any other ensuing condition.

This is in addition to the fact that sarcoids can eventually spread to other areas– causing you and the horse increased stress!

Now before you call up the vet, let us tell you:

Why Most Sarcoid Remedies Are Ineffective
And Could Even HURT Your Horse!

Painful Sarcoid Surgery
Painful & Invasive Surgery

This is largely ineffective, as recurrence occurs in 50% of cases. That’s because surgery often leaves behind some of the virus that causes sarcoids. That means the sarcoids can come back—and the condition could be worse.

Plus, surgery is extremely expensive and very invasive on the horse. The horse could undergo mood changes that could affect it’s mood and temperament.

Sarcoids Topical Creams
Ineffective Topical Crèmes

There are topical crèmes out there that contain bloodroot extract that can help sarcoids. The only thing is these crèmes can be painful to the horse since they have to penetrate the sarcoid to be effective.

Therefore, the sarcoids have to be bandaged so the crème doesn’t wear off. This rarely lasts since the horse will scrape the bandage off using their stable. And this constant rubbing could make the sarcoid worse….and increasing your headache!

Sarcoids Cryotherapy
Skin Damaging Cryotherapy

This is a cheaper solution, but freezing the affected area with nitrogen can lead to permanent scarring and depigmentation for your horse.

It can also be a painful process for the horse and a stressful operation for you the owner.

Sarcoid chemical treatment
Repeated Harsh Chemical Treatments

There are also a host of chemical treatments that can be administered by injection and topical application. However, most of these take repeated applications to be effective—which can be a hassle for you and your horse and cause many side effects.

“Well Worth The Money!”

Horse sarcoid imageMy horse suffers terrible with sarcs. We tried most products to no avail. Eventually after working with the vet for some months trying different things we decided to have the one on his belly banded and the one on his ear cryogenically frozen off.

This was as you can imagine very expensive. A friend at the yard told us of SAR-X which we decided to give a try. It was brilliant and we had no other sarcs appear. We carried on until the powder ran out. He has been off the powder for 3 months and, yep you`ve guessed it…..another sarcoid.

So we have decided to put him back on this product and keep him on it for at least 6 months. I know of 2 people that swear by this product and I think its well worth the money!

~ Michelle Barry

And more expensive treatments such as cisplatin and 5-fluoroacil can be a HUGE drain on your bank balance—and can take as much as 90 days to be effective!

So you can see that many conventional treatments for horse sarcoids are largely “hit and miss”.

And you could easily end up paying THOUSANDS to remedy this condition… and put your horse through weeks and MONTHS of side effects—and YOU through more stress!

Breakthrough, All natural Discovery Eliminates Sarcoids In Just Weeks

We’ve discovered a way you can remedy horse sarcoids without any of these expensive and invasive procedures that can change the mood and well-being of your horse.

The best part? You don’t have to put up with the usual pain and hassles other horse owners have to endure with horses that suffer from sarcoids.

“No Longer Have A Problem!”

No more sarcoid problem

Having spent over 700 pounds with the vet to have sarcoids removed unsuccessfully, we fed Power Against Sarcoids for 6 months and we no longer have a problem!

It’s a miracle powder, cheaper than the vet, the horse can still work during treatment, and most importantly, it works!

~ Mary Jane Haigh

Dressage Rider

Imagine having a horse free of sarcoids—and never having to put up with them again. And imagine being able to show off your horse to your family and friends with no worries.

That’s what we’ve created with our SAR-X product! We’ve formulated an easy to use remedy that helps remove sarcoids that isn’t invasive…and is safe for your horse.

And the best part is it’s all-natural. All you have to do is mix it in with your horse’s feed and you’re all set!

The All-Natural Approach To Beating Painful and Expensive Horse Sarcoids!

SAR-X is an all-natural remedy that’s safe for your horse. It treats sarcoids at the skin level—without painful procedures that’ll stress your horse—and you—out!

Here’s how it works: SAR-X contains an alkalizing herbal concentrate that encourages the horses’ body to produce an alkaline state.

It’s been proven via research that when the horse’s body is in an alkalizing state, it prevents the sarcoids from spreading. The horse’s strengthened immune system then dissolves the sarcoids—without drugs or conventional treatment!

That means SAR-X rids the body of sarcoids from the inside out!

“It Worked For My Horse…Brilliant!”

Used SAR-X after having paid for expensive vet treatments including Sarcoff at £130 a minute pot. It came back. Saw the advert for this and have tried it. Simply put….MIRACULOUS!

I put it in his feed every night and now it has completely gone. Yes completely gone. It was on his sheath so conventional treatments hurt him, but in his food with SAR-X, no problem…Easy.

I would recommend you to this product unreservedly, because it worked for my horse…Brilliant.

~ Adrian Williams

Here are the ACTIVE ingredients in the SAR-X Whole Horse Health formulation that’ll remedy sarcoids…and prevent new ones from forming. Each ingredient is added in the perfect ratio after years of research and testing…



Helps to Fight Inflammation

Fenugreek acts to reduce inflammation for horses already suffering from sarcoids. It also promotes a healthy digestive system…and improves overall condition and bloom for your horse.



Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antioxidant

The natural substance in Turmeric has been found to provide antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties. In research these properties have shown much promise in reducing equine melanomas and strengthening the horses immune system.


Green Clay BP

High Grade British Pharmacopoeia

Green Clay is another ingredient that serves to reduce the acid in the horse’s body—thus preventing sarcoids from thriving and spreading!



Soothes and Decreases Sarcoid Lesions

Thuja is an ingredient that treats acute sarcoid lesions. This ingredient treats the existing sarcoid while the alkalizing action of the other ingredients gets rid of the sarcoids for good!



Probiotics and Enzymes

Our proprietary blend of advanced probiotics and enzymes has been perfected over many years of testing to create the most healthy digestive environment which helps to prevent sarcoid recurrence in your horse.



Vitamin and Mineral Mix

Our one-of-a-kind formula contains over 23 vitamins and minerals that have proven absolutely critical for creating an anti-sarcoid environment in your horses body which helps stop sarciods from the inside.

All you have to do is add a scoop to the horse’s feed and you’re all set. Results can range between 4-10 weeks as every horse is different.

And remember, the best part is you don’t have to go to the vet and spend hundred to thousands of pounds on ineffective conventional remedies.

SAR-X Is 100% Safe 
For Your Horse With NO Side Effects!

This is good news for you because you are not affecting your horse in a way that can change its mood, temperament or personality.

Plus, all the ingredients in SAR-X will not violate competition rules.

You see, we are the leaders when it comes to providing the best organics for your horse.

We’ve been doing this for 15 years. And we have some of our top riders using our products—including Canadian 4X event rider Diana Burnett and International Event rider Tintin Van Rijckvorsel.

Remember, all you have to do is mix a scoop of SAR-X with your horse’s feed. Your horse will never notice it since it contains all natural ingredients with NO preservatives!

Horse riders use SAR-X

Users of SAR-X include Canadian 4X event rider Diana Burnett, International Event rider Tintin Van Rijckvorsel, and many other top riders.

SAR-X has helped so much

Just look at the testimonials on this page. These are just SOME of the testimonials we’ve received. We’ve received 217 emails with testimonials the past 3 months… and we’re getting more every day!

“Clear Of Any Further Sarcoids!”

My 11 year old mare had an aggressive sarcoid last July which was treated with Liverpool cream. It was a dreadful time as the cream burnt away a large area under her belly and she was in a lot of pain and very depressed.

It took almost 10 weeks for the treatment to work and for the sarcoid to die and fall off. I was told that it was likely that another would appear so I began to look around for preventative measures.

I decided to try your sarcoid defense powder and I’m happy to report that to date she has been clear of any further sarcoids and is as fit and well as I have ever seen her.

I am about to order another 3 months supply and will continue to give it to her and hope that she remains sarcoid free forever.

Thank you so very much for this supplement I have recommended your pharmacy to all my friends and several are now using your products with equal success. Thank you again!

~ Jayne Ellis

“A Small Developing Sarcoid Had Gone!”

Sarcoid Has Gone

After treatment for 2 sarcoids my cobxshire developed more, and I really didn’t want to put him through more ‘burning’ treatment. After seeing an ad for SAR-X in a free magazine & carefully reading the reviews, I decided to give it a go & I’m so glad I did.

He was on 1 scoop & they weren’t disappearing BUT they did stop growing. After getting advice from the Forest Farmacy Team he went up to 2 scoops.

Within a few weeks; a small developing sarcoid has gone, another has very nearly gone & the last is flatter & smaller (after being quite big & round). If you have any queries or problems their fast to respond & sort it!

~ Miranda Ben-David

“The Sarcoids Had Stopped Growing!”

Matty has had sarcoids for 10 years. He’s had two lots of 5-Flourouracil cream treatment, but at the start of the summer several verrucous sarcoids started to grow on his ear again and on his stifle.

My aim was to avoid further treatment in fly season so I decided to try SAR-X in the hope that it might help (and if not a help, would do no harm).

Until then I’d been something of a ‘herbal-remedy sceptic’, but this powder is truly amazing. Over the first month or so I realised the sacroids had stopped growing, which was great.

But then, to my utter amazement, they have started to shrink. They haven’t gone away completely (yet), maybe they never will, but the fact they aren’t growing means that Matty and I can continue to enjoy ourselves and I no longer have that sense of impending doom!

I have only one wish and that’s that I’d discovered SAR-X many years ago – but better

~ Helen Roberts

“Far Better Than I Expected – Truly Amazing…”

I purchased a horse last year that had 37 sarcoids of the mixed variety. I have fed Power against SAR X for 9 months now and the results have been amazing.

Of the occult sarcoids there are none left and the hair has started to grow back. Most of the verricous sarcoids have fallen off.

All of the remaining sarcoids have shrunk in size The horse now has 10 small sarcoids remaining from the original 37!!!

The results have been far better than I expected – truly amazing.

I am so pleased with your product that I have recommended it to several friends already.

~ Fiona White

“Now He Is Ride-able Again!”

Our horse is now ridable again

Shortly after buying my horse Prince, I discovered that he had developed sarcoids on his girth area. After calling his previous owner to discuss this matter who had explained she had spent over £900 on trying to rid the sarcoids which where only small at that time.

I tried a course of blood root ointment which was a course of cream for 3 weeks. This worked on some of the sarcoids but did however inflame some and make them worse.

I then discovered SAR-X powder, and decided to give it a go.

After a 40-day course his sarcoids where just areas of fresh skin and now he is rideable again. Thank you SAR-X!

~ Gemma Leach

Now’s The Time To Take Action
 And Treat Your Horse’s Sarcoids Naturally!

Don’t wait another minute. The longer your horse has to endure sarcoids, the greater the chances your horse could develop more serious complications.

The sarcoids could spread and the problem could get worse. Or the horse could develop another condition due to its current immune-compromised state.

It’s like getting the flu. Your body feels tired and sluggish because every ounce of your body is fighting the infection. And while your body is fighting the infection other complications such as pneumonia or bronchitis can develop.

That’s exactly what your horse is going through right now. Its immune system is constantly fighting the sarcoids, which is causing pain and wearing out your horse!

In other words, it’s not just another “sore” or “bump”. It’s robbing your horse from its vitality—and now is the time to put a stop to it!

SAR-X costs only only 65 pounds—which is minuscule compared to what you would need to pay for most conventional sarcoid treatments.

Like we said before, all you have to do is mix it in with your horses’ feed. You don’t have to do any more work then that. All you have to do is let SAR-X do all the work!

Just select your SAR-X package below.

Women Riding Horse
Yes, I Want To Put An End To My Horse’s Sarcoids Forever!
  • I know that I’ll be getting 3 months supply of SAR-X that’ll enable me to make sarcoids a thing of the past.
  • I know all I have to do is mix 1 scoop with my horses’ feed everyday and I could get the same results as the many other customers who have used SAR-X to get rid of sarcoids forever!
SAR-X 6 Week Supply

SAR-X is an Alkalising Herbal Concentrate Containing Green clay, Fenugreek Turmeric & Homeopathic Thuja 12x.

Herbal Powders
  • 6 Week Supply SAR-X Herbal Powder
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SAR-X Sarcoid Care Kit

The Complete PAIN-FREE 3 Month Solution For Horses With Sarcoids, Lumps and Bumps

Herbal Creams for sarcoids
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  • Alkalizing Herbal Concentrate
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SAR-X is guaranteed to reduce sarcoids on your horse! If for ANY reason you are not thrilled with the results, simply return your order for 100% of your money back. You really do have nothing to lose.

90 Day, No Questions Asked 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee

To your healthy horse,

Susan With Horse

Horse Lover & Creator of This Website

P.S. Don’t waste another minute! The longer the sarcoids are on your horse, the greater the chances your horse will develop another condition due to its compromised immune system. It’s time to take control of your horse’s health by getting SAR-X right now!